Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine

by Site Interior Design


No doubt your mind is already humming along to the Beatle’s song, but picture this: a sexy gloss-yellow vinyl interior shot through with flashes of silver and black in contrasting rough and smooth textures – hmmmm nice! It’s the ultimate realisation of your James Bond fantasy as you survey the landscape with your fully functional periscope and plot your next move using the L.E.D-lit ocean-floor chart table.Designers Greg Scott, Nick Wright and Cecile van Loggerenberg are taking you below the surface. Depth sounder to hand, you know that you are at the helm of your command centre; “…full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain.”


Radar screen bleeping, you enter stealth mode as you spin confidently through the galaxy and retreat to your vinyl-clad bedroom. And whilst the confines of a silver-bullet-shaped Airstream are reminiscent of a submarine, you will find it fortunate that no one has to stay on watch, you won’t encounter any giant squid and a simple opening of the compression-sealed door will release you from your play-chamber onto dry land.


Hillside Trailer Suite with queen-sized bed and built-on living unit.

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