Love Cake


Love Cake

by Leasa Mensing


Recently refurbished, Love Cake delightfully combines 2 smaller Airstream trailers, centred around an inviting outdoor deck that overlooks Old Mac Daddy’s famous lake and man-made beach.


Inspired by the simplest of joys, the Love Cake trailers are a celebration of life’s greatest indulgences, like fine confectionery and decorative florals.


When dressing up this designer set of Airstreams, interiors specialist Leasa Mensing found inspiration in the treats and sweets and blossoms and blooms loved by… well, pretty much everyone. The primary colour palette employed includes a warm coral and a delicious lime, exuding a soft charm that marries perfectly with the natural setting in which Old Mac Daddy is located.


Please note that Love Cake does not have a built-on living unit and bathroom; its shower and toilet area is located in the bigger trailer. While the unit may be slightly smaller than other suites, it boasts its own private garden and arguably one of the best views in the lodge. Because of the nature of the unit’s setup Love Cake is best suited for 2 adults sharing or a young family (two adults and two kids).

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and President Ramaphosa’s recent announcement of a national shutdown, Old Mac Daddy will NOT BE OPEN for trading. Our intention is to be up and running again on Thursday 19 April unless further closures are required. Our reservations team remain online and available for all enquiries and future bookings. Please stay home, stay safe and visit our social media pages for up to date and relevant news. #STRONGERTOGETHER