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Give Bees a Chance

Give Bees a Chance

by Tamara Joubert

The symmetry of honeycomb, the soft yellow of bee dust and the boldness of black are beautifully composed in this testament to the plight of the honey bee. Without bees the fruit orchards of Elgin would not pollinate and – although South Africa has to date averted the alarming disappearance of bees – Colony Collapse Disorder is threatening the world’s agricultural and floral kingdoms.

Tamara Joubert’s serious call to attention is softened by the celebration of the exacting architecture of these industrious little creatures, as reflected in the man-made architecture and design of the creative trailer park. Old and new, natural and created are fused. Guests in this trailer might imagine themselves home from a day of collecting pollen in the fields. Close your eyes and hope that the distant drone of the honey-bee is a sound we will always hear.

Hillside Trailer Suite with queen-sized bed and built-on living unit.

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