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Today is a day we've been waiting for... Due to the further easing of lockdown restrictions we're excited to announce that Old Mac Daddy is open again for business travel!

We're over the Elgin valley moon to be able to welcome you back to our little piece of trailer park and glamping heaven.

First and foremost, we want to assure all guests and visitors that your health and safety is of primary concern. As per latest guidelines, we have put the strictest hygiene protocols and safety measures in place so that you can enjoy an escape at Old Mac with your health and wellbeing safeguarded at all times.


To celebrate  we're offering a limited special on
available Airstream trailers

 R1895 per trailer per night
Valid for 2 adults only
Must take both Friday and Saturday night

🛎️ ONLY VALID FOR THIS WEEKEND (19/06 - 20/06) AND NEXT WEEKEND (26/06 - 28/06)



For any more details and bookings please chat to our reservations team directly:

✉ reservations@oldmacdaddy.co.za
+27(0)21 844 0241

We’re super excited to announce that Old Mac Daddy has been granted an essential services certificate. This means that we are now available and able to accommodate essential services workers.

So, if you are engaged in an essential service and operate in our neck of the woods (in case you didn’t know we’re in Elgin/Grabouw, Western Cape) you can come enjoy a stay in one of our unique accommodation options.

From quirky artist-themed Airstream trailer suites to our large self-catering villas, there’s a welcome escape awaiting you at Old Mac Daddy… not to mention all the wide open spaces and fresh countryside air!


The Details:



📝: Just a heads up that over the past weeks of lockdown, our onsite crew has taken advantage of the downtime to ensure the entire resort adheres to the strictest safety and hygiene measures. We’ve cleaned, we’ve sanitised and we’ve set up procedures to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of all visitors and guests are safeguarded at all times. This is, as always, our top priority.

For the past 7 weeks Old Mac Daddy has been shut down due to South Africa's current coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

During this time we've managed to cook up a storm in our quarantine kitchen (see all our recipes here), attend to  the necessary maintenance concerns around the resort and improve and prepare our safety and hygiene protocols for reopening.

And while we have enjoyed and appreciated the downtime, we're certainly starting to feel the readiness and spirit to welcome you back.. as you can tell from the video below.

Godfrey, our ever-present, ever-smiling, ever-joyful head guru of fun at Daddy's Adventures, our onsite teambuilding and adventure team, is excited and ready to welcome you back to Old Mac Daddy

If you'd like to enquire about a post-lockdown Old Mac Daddy escape or adventure please contact us to find out more and make a booking:

📧 reservations@oldmacdaddy.co.za

📞+27(0)21 844 0241

During the current coronavirus quarantine measures taking place across South Africa (and indeed much of the world) a small team of Old Mac Daddy staff members has been locked down at the resort, making sure everything is kept in perfect condition to welcome everyone back... as soon as it's safe for us to do so of course!

While tending to necessary the maintenance and upkeep, the team has also been having LOADS of fun in the kitchen, whipping up some tantalizing treats and dishes many of which have included ingredients we've sourced right here in our veggie garden.

Here are 4 fine dishes out of Old Mac Daddy's Quarantine Kitchen:


Homemade chicken and spinach pie with fresh-from-the-garden spinach stem starter


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. ' . This lockdown is really bringing out the creative culinary flair in our management, who’re currently quarantining at Old Mac Daddy ‍ . Here Hulandi, our assistant GM, shows us how she made a chicken and spinach pie with a beer-battered spinach stem starter, using the spinach that was freshly picked from our veggie garden earlier today . . For the starter, keep the stems from the spinach leaves that are often just chucked in the bin . Then prepare a batter and cook as follows: . Mix 2 cups flour with your fave veggie spice . Then add half a beer or as much as is needed to create a pancake consistency batter . Dust the spinach stems with flour, dunk them in the batter and let rest for about 15 minutes... this is a great opportunity to enjoy a glass of your favourite Elgin Valley vino . Then take the battered stems and fry at high temperature until browned to perfection . Serve with a mayonnaise or any dip you like . . For the chicken pie: Take any recipe, add your fresh spinach and lots of love . . And for a vegan option omit the chicken but retain ALL the love . . We highly recommend you try this at home.. If you do make a spinach dish inspired by Hulandi’s please share and tag us @old_mac_daddy . . We’d love to see what you’re getting up to in your quarantine kitchen

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Smoked brisket with homemade Jack Daniels barbecue sauce



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. ' . Our lockdown crew at Old Mac Daddy have continued to express their culinary skills with another delicious dish, this time pipin' hot directly from the Barn smoker: . Brisket with homemade Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. . If you'd like to try something like this out for yourself during quarantine, here's chef Roy's recipe for the oh-so-smaaklik sauce: . ✅ ½ cup Jack Daniels ✅ 4 x cloves chopped fresh garlic ✅ ½ cup freshly chopped onion ✅ 2 x cups tomato sauce ✅ 1/3 cup white vinegar ✅ ¾ cup molasses ✅ ½ cup brown sugar ✅ 3 x tbsp Worcestershire sauce ✅ ½ x tbsp black pepper ✅ 1 x tsp salt . . And here's how you get your sauce going: . . Lightly fry onion and garlic for a couple of minutes. Then add the rest of ingredients. . Bring all to the boil and simmer for around 30 mins until it's all saucy and lekker. . That's it. Your homemade barbecue sauce is ready to smother atop your favourite meat, meat substitute or whatever else you'd like to try it with.. It goes with almost anything, it's just good! . . FYI: Smoked brisket regularly available at Old Mac Daddy, so if that's something you'd like to enjoy, be sure to pop on in to the Barn restaurant once we're back up and running. . . Photos and recipe by @roy_r_moore

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Oh-so-comforting butternut soup with homemade bread



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. ' The culinary adventures in Old Mac Daddy's quarantine kitchen continue. Today our lockdown crew take us through how they prepared this hearty, wholesome and heavenly roasted butternut soup with homemade bread. . . For the soup you'll need: . ✅ Some sauteed onions in a little butter (or dairy free alternative) . ✅ 2 chopped butternuts, roasted . ✅ ½ teaspoon curry (if you like curry, if you don't just leave it out) . ✅ 300 ml chicken or veggie stock . ✅ 250 ml cream (or non-dairy alternative) . . This recipe is super simple. Literally just roast the butternut and once that's ready, chuck all the ingredients in a blender, whizz it up and daarsy ‍♂️ . . Feel free to fancy it up with some freshly chopped parsley and cream as garnish. . And here's how you make the bread: . Make sure you have the following ingredients: . ✅ 4 cups brown bread flour . ✅ 1½ packets yeast . ✅ Dash of salt . ✅ 2 tablespoons sugar . ✅ 50 ml oil . ✅ 300ml (or more) lukewarm water . Then: . ✅ Mix yeast with the 300ml luke warm water . ✅ Mix all ingredients and add lukewarm yeast-water mixture little by little to form a dough . ✅ Knead the dough about 3 to 4 minutes (dough should not be too sticky) . ✅ You do not have to use all the water . ✅ Leave to rest for about 30 minutes . ✅ Punch it down (this is a really satisfying part of the process - ENJOY!) . ✅ Then add to lightly oiled bread pan and leave to rest again for about 20 minutes . ✅ Finally put in oven for. 40 minutes at 180 degrees . . For extra flavour once you remove from oven, you can rub the top of the bread with a dash of butter or vegan alternative. . . Now for the most important part: Eat.. and enjoy! . . . Photos by @roy_r_moore

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Apple season-celebratory Old Mac apple pie


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. ' # Old Mac Daddy's located right in the heart of apple country, literally surrounded by apple orchards on almost all sides. It’s therefore always exciting for us when the trees start bearing fruit… as is currently the situation . To celebrate the arrival of the sweet beauties in our Elgin valley home, our quarantine kitchen has created a special Old Mac Daddy Apple Pie recipe for you to try at home. . And we want to see your culinary creations. So, if you make an Old Mac Apple Pie please share an image or video clip of it with us & use # – Our quarantine kitchen crew will choose their favourite & the winner will win a Barn restaurant voucher to the value of R500 to be redeemed at our onsite restaurant as soon as it’s safe for us to re-open ️ . We’ll announce the winner on 30th April ‍♂️ . SO, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the important bits. . For the pie filling: . ✅ 4 cups apples, peeled & diced . ✅ 3 cups water . ✅ 1 cup sugar . ✅ 1/3 cup corn starch . ✅ Cinnamon & nutmeg (to taste) . ✅ Pinch salt . ✅ 1 tbsp butter (or dairy-free alternative) . . When ready to begin here’s what to do: . ✅ Bring all the ingredients to a boil, by slowly adding the diced apples into the mix . ✅ Let simmer for about 40 mins, or until the apples are soft, but not mushy! . ✅ Once ready, let the appley deliciousness cool down to room temperature before putting in the fridge to marinate in its mouth-watering molecules . . Once the apple mix has finished doing its deliciousy thing here’s how to whip up that prize-winning pie: . ✅ Take some puff pastry & roll it out real good . ✅ Then put the pasty in the muffin pan & fill with pie filling . ✅ Brush with egg wash (or for a vegan alternative use 2 tbsp almond milk whisked with 1 tsp agave/maple syrup) . ✅ Bake in a pre-heated oven for about 25 mins . . En daarsy, there you have your Old Mac Apple Pie! Enjoy while they stil nicely warm with some ice cream or custard or simply grab one by the hand & munch as is

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What's next? Old Mac Daddy cookbook perhaps!

In light of the current nationwide lockdown and the fact that public gatherings had to be cancelled, our annual Easter feast in the Barn won't be happening this year.

But we don't want that to mean that there's no Easter fun for you and the fam. We've therefore put together a little Old Mac Daddy Airstream Trailer Easter Egg Hunt..

► In each of the 4 Old Mac Daddy trailer suites below we've hidden a single Easter egg.

► If you can find all of them, we'll reward you with the following prizes:


We'll also do a lucky draw on Easter Monday (13th April 2020) for one entry to win a FREE 1-night midweek stay, including breakfast and free activities.

To enter and win EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO US (reservations@oldmacdaddy.co.za), meaning in your mail tell us exactly where in each photo you find the egg.
That's it!



1. The Dream


2. Private Life of Plants


3. Life Before Colour


4. Dirkie Sanchez

Some Ts & Cs:

This year once again, Old Mac Daddy is throwing an Easter celebration and everyone is invited.

Set to take place on Sunday 12th April from noon onward, the Barn restaurant at Old Mac Daddy will host a sumptuous Easter feast with all those long weekend good feels guaranteed. Outside guests and day visitors welcome too, of course!

Celebration at the Barn restaurant at Old Mac DaddySo what can you expect on the day?


Well, in addition to the delicious feast, there'll be live music from talented local musician JARED as well all the regular Sunday Funday Old Mac vibes. And a glass of our finest house wine served to all guests on arrival.

The feast will be served buffet style and costs R345 pp / R172.50 for kid under 12.

Our holiday menu is:

🍖 Greek style lamb spit
🍗 Spicy smoked chicken
🍛 Savoury basmati rice
🥕 Roast carrots, sweet potatoes and beetroot


🌽 Grilled vegetables and couscous salad
🥗 Roast mushroom, baby tomato and herb salad
🥒 Greek pasta salad
🥖 Pull apart bread and condiments


🍎 Sticky toffee apple pudding
🍰 Chocolate strawberry shortcake
🥮 Minced fruit pies
🍦 Chantilly cream
🍮 Cinnamon custard


ℹ Booking is essential so please contact the Barn for details and to reserve a spot:


📪 thebarn@oldmacdaddy.co.za
🤳 +27(0)21 844 8900
🖥 Or chat to us on our dedicated WhatsApp helpline - you can access it through our website in the top right corner