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  • by Leasa Mensing

    Step into a time capsule, back to a simpler, easier world with a slowed-down pace. Being a time traveller is one of the few things that will never be possible, except through the vicarious domain of books and film.

  • by Charly’s Bakery and Friends

    Love Cake..? I Do… is a fusion of steampunk and sugar. The liquorice black trimmings of recycled rubber curtains and the pressed ceiling wallpaper by Robin Sprong form the backdrop for this peek inside the bakery.

  • by Coley Porter Bell & Rotem Sachar

    A sleek Airstream with an entirely magnetic interior, one that reflects a modern environment. The sophisticated design aesthetic celebrates both the Airstream itself and the surrounding Elgin landscape.

  • by Jeannie Sherwood & Kirsten Townsend

    Put your cynicism on the shelf, loosen your corset and melt into a swoon of pink, a marshmallow of kitsch and a sugary sweet sleep of reason that will dust all the cobwebs out of your romantic self.

  • by Bielle Ross & Tara Carmichael

    The Private Life of Plants, has a strong green conscience, while retaining a sense of effortless luxury. A reclaimed parquet floor is paired with eco-friendly paints, restored cabinetry and naturally textured fabrics.