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  • by Tracy Lynch

    Inspired by a bird-whistle and a sunny Spring day, Birdy is a gentle rest capsule beside the lake. Named after the smallest, cutest vintage Airstream model; it’s the perfect place to put two love birds.

  • by Nicole Logan

    Nicole Logan has created a place where numbers are part of a playful meander of the mind. Dig’its’ interior palette is grounded in neutrality and revved up with tones of chocolate, black, magenta and powder blue.

  • by Mark & Joe Stead

    Mark and Joe Stead, have created a Mexican mash-up, a libre love truck with plenty of raunchy wrestling-inspired illustrations to inspire some hot new moves (dress-up outfits are provided).

  • by Tracy Lench

    We wanted to recreate the feel of a dusty Karoo farmhouse, so we based our concept around the home of an imaginary couple, called Piet and Sannie Potgieter

  • by Tamara Joubert

    Guests in this trailer might imagine themselves home from a day of collecting pollen in the fields. Close your eyes and hope that the distant drone of the honey-bee is a sound we will always hear.